Spearhead the creation of compelling ecommerce websites for a large client base and organizations. Employ the use of versatile back-end technology for seamless client management. Create content management system (CMS) for client-managed websites. Conduct hardware and software installations. Liaise with clients to troubleshoot and resolve system issues. Design, assemble and install computer systems, work stations and peripherals. Gathered requirements, planned, designed, developed and tested sites. Train newly hired staff.

  • Leverage innate creative ability to design, develop and deploy eye-catching and business boosting websites for clients.
  • Optimize site traffic and user experience (UX) through diligent use of search engine optimization techniques (SEO).
  • Boosted organization and business revenue through creation of online promotions, press releases, newsletters, payment forms and donation forms.
  • Create project plans and budgets. Develop user experience enhancing graphic and interactive web animations.